Divyanshu Pandey

Divyanshu Pandey

This is Divyanshu Pandey, I have done my schooling from Shree Ram Model School. “SHREE RAM SCHOOL” is beyond the school where “DISCIPLINE IS CHARACTER”.

Being a part of Shree Ram Model School, I felt blessed. It has molded my personality, classified my vision of the future and always supported me in my every aspects of my life rather it belongs to my career, family and all other issues.

The school focuses more on personality development and enhancing spiritual character in students. Currently, I’m a student in JC Bose University (YMCA) and for this I’ve a deep gratitude to all my teachers and Specially “JYOTI DIDI” who is my mentor, my guide.

She is like a mother to me. My feelings for her cannot be described in words. Shree Ram Model School always gives welfare to needy and talented students with scholarships. Faculty here is dedicated to helping students. This school believes in imparting Moral, Ethical knowledge to its students.
Thank you.